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In his landmark book, Good to Great, Jim Collins conducted a 20-year research study on what made the difference between a good company and a great one. He found that identifying the competencies and personality factors necessary for the successful completion of any job is the first step in ensuring you get the right person for the job. However, not every company can start from scratch. By using many principals from his book, we at Ruhmann Associates work with companies to assess what areas can be improved from where they are now and ways to move forward. We also provide the tools necessary to help you hire the right person from the start.

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In my 20 plus years experience in executive education, most development programs focus on the acquisition of organizational knowledge, operational systems, and business tools.  Little time is devoted the leader’s self discovery. Ironically, the greatest programmatic impact I have personally experienced, and witnessed, has been through the exploration of the impact of self on the leadership role. Rich Ruhmann does a masterful job of guiding even the brightest and most skeptical leaders through a process where they come face to face with the ways in which they sabotage their own efforts. And importantly, Rich helps leaders draw on their unique strengths to improve their effectiveness. Significantly improved partnerships across disciplines, more authentic relationships with subordinates, clearer communication, and more deliberate team decision-making are some of the visible successes of Rich’s work across the Yale New Haven Health System.

Dr. Michael Pepe
VP and Executive Director, Institute for Excellence
Yale New Haven Hospital


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