What We Do

We work with organizations to address leadership, hiring, employee engagement, behavioral correction and silo mentality situations your company needs to address. 

We help companies assess what areas can be improved from where they are now.  Whether you are a family-owned business or a corporation, if you are looking to improve communication, develop your leadership talent, or create a shared vision to move your organization into the future, we have the tools, the experience and the proven techniques to deliver results!

We also provide the tools necessary to help you hire the right person from the start. 

Our training, consulting, and workplace motivation solutions help you align individual goals to organizational goals and overcome the common problems of victim-thinking, complaining and procrastination. We show teams and leadership how to engage their people, understand their strengths and blind spots and learn effective tools to enhance communication and productivity.  This results in becoming personally accountable for achieving both their own personal goals and your organizational goals. 

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I just wanted you to know that working with you and your team has been incredibly valuable to the Yale New Haven Health System and to me personally. The Ruhmann Associates programs, surveys and one-on-one coaching have had a real and sustainable positive influence on me and many of our executives by assisting us with our own personal development and management interactions.

James Staten
Executive Vice President
Corporate & Financial Services
Yale New Haven Health System