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Effective communication and personal accountability are the foundation of customer driven organizations. When you improve communication and eliminate blame, complaining and procrastination, you’ll experience improved productivity, greater teamwork, reduced stress, healthier relationships and better customer service.

QBQ! The Question Behind the Question

Improved Productivity, Greater Teamwork, Reduced Stress

Because accountability matters, we strongly feel that personal accountability is the foundation of successful sales and customer service for any organization or industry. When you overcome victim thinking, blame, complaining, and procrastination, your company will experience improved productivity, greater teamwork, reduced stress, and better customer service.

The goal of the QBQ! workshop is to eliminate common individual and team-destroying thinking such as:

  • Why don’t others pull their own weight?
  • When will that department do its job right?
  • Who dropped the ball?
  • We’ve always done it that way.
  • Why wasn’t I told?
  • That’s not my area.

And to enable the individual to take personal accountability by asking his or her self:

  • What action can I take today to help the team move forward?
  • How can I better understand what they mean?
  • How can I do my job better today?
  • What can I do to improve this situation?

Achieve excellence through accountability! We show your employees how they can make better choices by teaching them how to control their thinking process utilizing the QBQ! technique. This builds a foundation of personal accountability and ownership inside each person.

About the Workshop

The book, QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, when combined with the fun and engaging one-day workshop delivers a very powerful message! The QBQ! workshop is a video based complete training and development system facilitated by Joy Ruhmann or you can license the material and have it facilitated by internal trainers. The workshop is broken down into four modules: 1) QBQ! A Tool for Leader at All levels; 2) The “How To” of the QBQ!; 3) Personal Accountability in Action; and 4) QBQ! Creativity and Integrity. Although we highly recommend that you run it as a one-day workshop, it can be broken down into (2) four-hour workshops. Each participant receives a 56-page visually stimulating and easy-to-use program workbook to be used during the workshop, two audio CD’s containing the entire training system soundtrack, a QBQ! pad, pen, and a copy of the book, QBQ! The Question Behind the Question!

The QBQ! workshop is practical, universal and timeless because personal accountability applies to people and organizations in every segment of the market.

For a sneak peek of the video based system, click on the links below:

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Communication: It’s All About Style!

Improved Relationships, Improved Communication

Effective communication stems from the right combination of tone of voice, words, body language and pace of speech and actions.

Our tone of voice, words, body language and pace of speech and actions are all directly impacted by our unique behavioral style.

Our unique behavioral style then directly impacts:

  • How we respond to problems and challenges
  • How we interact with others
  • How we react to change and
  • How we view rules and procedures.

These four areas are the components of an individual’s behavioral style. In this workshop, we use a personalized DISC-based assessment as the foundation of this highly personalized, highly interactive one day training program focused on teaching your employees to use the DISC language as a way to:

  • Better understand their own behavioral style.
  • More effectively interact with others by recognizing, understanding and appreciating the behavioral styles of their co-workers and customers.
  • Adapt their style to the style of others for improved customer service, communication and relationships.

To request a personalized, complimentary DISC report, click here.

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QBQ has helped me set the framework for my staff prior to tackling a problem or discussing issues. Rather than approaching an issue as a victim they now can address it feeling empowered and assuming some ownership.  Recently, at a Patient Care Associate retreat, we were planning to do a segment on “What frustrates you or what gets in the way of you doing a good job”. The session before this one happened to be a small segment on QBQ. It was amazing how the change in mindset helped us face the challenging issues.  It was a real enlightening moment for my staff. Thanks Joy for a great session!

Cathy Stevens
Director, Prenatal Intensive Care Unit
Yale New Haven Health System